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The Way of Love & Light - Spirituality Classes


The Way of Love & Light Spirituality Classes are designed to teach esoteric (not of common knowledge) concepts to enhance the way you think and live.  The classes are a unique blend of knowledge, discussions, meditations and healing exchanges designed to help you move forward in life.    


Level 1 - The Foundation ∞ Self Healing

∞Energy & The Power of YOUR Mind

Exercise - How do our minds affect our reality?  

Self Awareness & Mindfulness

∞The Law of Attraction/Manifesting

Ego & the Conscious Mind

Living in Gratitude

∞The Chakras: The Body's Energy Centers

Cleansing & Protecting

Using a Pendulum

Chakra Pendulum Exercise

∞Spirit Guides/Animal Guides & Angels

Meditation to Meet One of Your Guides

Level 2 - Building on the Foundation ∞ Using Energy for Healing 

∞Energy Healing Modalities

Healing Touch 

QiGong (Chi Kung)

∞Discover the Healer Within You

Using Crystals for Healing

∞Increase Your Psychic Ability


∞Introduction to Reincarnation

Past Life Regression - Guided Meditation

Level 3 - The Immortal Soul


Soul Groups & Soul Mates

Soul Contracts

The Akashic Records

∞Unconditional Love & Forgiveness

Releasing Attachments

∞Liberation:  The Art of Allowing and Letting Go


  • Classes meet for 3 hours/week for four weeks. 

  • Classes are held in Appleton, Wisconsin.

  • This is a unique opportunity not offered anywhere else.

  • Class investment $349 per level.

  • Class size is limited.  Make sure to save your seat and enroll right away.






This is a unique opportunity designed to help you to learn about spiritual concepts, meditations and healing techniques.  The result of taking The Way of Love & Light classes and  integrating this wisdom into your life, is that you will naturally become more balanced; in your energy, in your thinking, in your life.    

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