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Another Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Miracle!!

Lorna's Healed Herniated Discs

February 20, 2015

Lorna Thomas, 40, had two incredibly painful bulging discs in her neck that were pressing upon her spine. She could only remain upright for about 4 hours a day. Her neurosurgeon told her surgery was her “only” medical option for relief. After having been given that information, the very next day she had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session facilitated by Charlotte Daniel. At the conclusion of that (approximately 2 hour) hypnosis session, Lorna Thomas was no longer in pain and was able to move her neck freely. These photographs are images of the before and after scans of her spine.


Hard to believe? Lorna’s neurosurgeon thought so as well. He looked at the older MRI and then the new one and did not even recognize Lorna as the same person in the second scan. But it was the same person. Lorna’s discs were healed and her pain was gone.


“But what did you do?” he asked. “I had a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session,” replied Lorna. “Hypnosis?” the neurosurgeon asked his voice rising. “Yes,” replied Lorna. “That’s all?” he asked. “Yes,” said Lorna, “that’s all.”


This story may be unbelievable to the neurosurgeon and maybe even to you and that’s understandable because, for the most part, our culture deems what you have just read to be medically and physically impossible. But I assure you, it is not only possible, but happens quite often for clients of those who practice Dolores Cannon's method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.  Those who practice Dolores Cannon’s method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis would tell you it is not at all unusual or even extremely rare. We see, we witness, and we also hear of these miraculous healings from other practitioners every single day from all over the world.


What is rare about this story is that real names, real dates, real facts, and real medical scans are being presented and published outside of the metaphysical community. That indeed is quite rare. Lorna Thomas and Charlotte Daniel see no need to hide this wonderful event from the world behind assumed names. They want you to know about this story and celebrate, because if this was possible for Lorna, it is possible for you and your loved ones too.


Here is Lorna's story.

Lorna’s “before” scan was taken January 7, 2011. She had to wait to see the neurosurgeon until the following year due to England’s National Health Service delays, which was actually the same day she and Charlotte arrived to take the Advanced Level QHHT class from Dolores Cannon in Pewsey, England, September 13, 2012.


During that long time of waiting after her initial scan, Lorna was getting worse.Much worse. By September of 2012, she unable to rotate her head from side to side. She found it painful to use her hands for anything at all. She had trouble brushing her hair and putting on makeup. She even had trouble feeding herself without pain. She had to lie down a lot and couldn’t turn her head at all without excruciating pain.  She was really scared about how bad it was going to be before she finally got to see the neurosurgeon. She could only remain upright a handful of hours a day and even then only with heavy pain medication.


All of that was about to change.


It was the second day of the Level 2 QHHT class. At that time, Dolores had the students form groups of three in which to practice her method. Lorna found herself in a group with Charlotte Daniel and a third person by the name of James Frankland. At the beginning of each practice session the roles were switched with one person being the “hypnotist” one person being the “client” and the last person being an observer.

Lorna & Charlotte

Charlotte had already been the “client” the day before and this time she was to be the “hypnotist”, Lorna the “client” and James the observer.


Lorna was thrilled. It was her turn to experience QHHT. She had great faith that it was possible to be completely healed during this session. She was not to be disappointed.


Lorna relates, “I loved learning QHHT at the level 1 class in Faringdon in 2011, so I just had to take the level 2 class too.  And knowing that I would get to experience a session at level 2 was really the selling point for me. I told myself that this was going to be the next best thing to getting one with Dolores herself. I wholeheartedly believed that having the session in the class would heal me.


I also could feel the energy of the house where we were practicing- it was quite electric and thick. I have to admit, as excited as I was, I was also very nervous.  I had not had a session before so I did not have any idea of what to expect. I had no preconceived ideas of how it would feel to be “under hypnosis” and I just gave myself up to the process.   I remember it being very emotional.  The “past life” that I viewed was actually quite odd – it was less like an actual life but simply an experience of being an entity that “collected information” to be delivered to others after collecting it.


What I learned in the session was that I just carried on experiencing all of these “lives” but, I didn’t always release all of the information that I was supposed to. And that proved to be at the root of the problem in my neck. I carried this information, these emotions in my neck. The physical symptoms now are a representation of my inability to learn this lesson about releasing.


After providing the understanding of the problem, my Higher Self then began to heal me. I remember the heat started coming up through my neck.  I actually found it somewhat difficult to breathe.  I was panting and filled with an immense energy, it was so intense it kept bringing my “regular” conscious mind forward because I was feeling such strong sensations. I was really and truly vibrating in my body.


I immediately felt better – I felt like a million dollars, completely renewed with endless energy. After that session, for a while, I actually hardly needed any sleep, and only slept a couple of hours a night. Dolores’ method changed my life absolutely and completely.”


As the “hypnotist” in this session Charlotte described what it was like to facilitate, “I don’t think my particular involvement was key to Lorna’s QHHT session being successful.  I believe that it was because of Lorna’s conviction that she would be healed and also, of course, the technique of getting her to the level of trance where the healing was easier for her to access and manifest.


As the being she embodied, she said she was collecting emotions and information for information purposes, possibly for a collective.  As the being, she was a part of the process to gather that information or those lessons and drop it off and go back and gather more or different emotions/lessons, as information to take back to the big whirlpool of consciousness.


When I asked Lorna’s Higher Self why was this experience shown to her today here was the reply: To show her that she’s carried this ‘collection’ work forward into her current life. She doesn’t share her problems, she collects them and works through them on her own. By not releasing them properly, she retained the pain. She just holds on too much so we had to show her how to release. Now she knows the sensations and can do this for herself. She now knows her purpose, and knows how to release problems and emotions.”


Another routine day in the world of Quantum Healing Hypnosis!


Note: Lorna and Charlotte will be joining Candace on Julia Cannon’s The Metaphysical Hour Radio Show February 20, 2015, at 7pm Central Time to talk about this story and more. After February 20 the show will be available in the archives.


Charlotte Daniel is a Dedicated Practitioner of QHHT practicing in London and Dorset, England. You can find her website HERE. Or email

Lorna Thomas also practices QHHT in North Somerset, England and you can email


-For more information about QHHT and classes and Dolores Cannon’s body of work, see


-For information about Candace and her QHHT practice see


Permission to share this article is given as long as it is shared completely with all links and remains unaltered in any way and contains this source information and copyright notice. 

Copyright 2015 Candace Craw-Goldman.




"I experienced a quantum healing session with Gina Webster. To say that the experience was life-changing would be an understatement. In our 5-hour session together, I received soul-level validation of my life purpose work.


As a life coach I knew that my passion and desire was to help people but I never imagined the impact I could have until my session with Gina. I highly recommend this depth of healing to anyone who is ready for a life transformation.


Thank you Gina for sharing your gift with the world!"


Lynn M. ~ Appleton, WI

"My quantum hypnosis session with Gina was beneficial and enlightening.  Her genuine caring nature to help others heal was of great importance to me.  She thoroughly explained the process and took the time before we met  to build trust between the two of us and answer all of my questions.  


Quantum Hypnosis  is a very personal and intimate encounter  based on what is important to the person.  Gina did an exceptional job guiding me toward my highest good.   I experienced five different past lives, received healing within my DNA and felt connected to my higher self on a very different level. 


I highly recommend this type of session especially if you have a chronic illness or feel stuck on your spiritual path.  Sometimes we all need a little outside help, something outside the norm to guide us down a different path so that we continue to evolve and find purpose in our life."


Karen ~ Hartland, WI

"During my experience of working with Gina in her session of Quantum Hypnosis, I found her calm presence and focus to be consistently present in the process. She became very "tuned in" to my personal energy system and the many questions I wished answered.   I am grateful for the clarity I received from my Higher Self as she gently led me through my list of questions. 


The recording of the session was sent to me for review, quickly,  while I was still very much in the energy of the experience. 


Many thanks to you Gina for your generous assistance in my evolution in consciousness and your energy exchange to help me See, Feel, and Be The Light!
Many blessings,"


Rajahla K ~ Mexico City, Mexico

"Dear Gina, 

Thank you so much for the QHHT session. Your energy is sincere and calming. I came into the session curious, excited, and with an open mind. You guided me through the regression skillfully and patiently where I glimpsed several lives. I have thought about these everyday since our session.


It seems this work can be part of, or even facilitate a new phase in life. It has given me an opportunity to visualize and better understand the existence of my soul which continues to exist throughout time, and beyond physical death. For someone who is seeking spiritual information and guidance in this life I would highly recommend one or more sessions."


Julie ~ Oshkosh, WI


"I found the experience to be eye opening! I was able to experience parts of a couple past lives! I had not been able to experience anything like this before! Gina's soothing voice and calming presence made the experience so comforting. I truly enjoyed the regression and plan to continue the exploration into my past lives!"


M.W. ~ Green Bay, WI


QHHT - Testimonial


"I was stuck in a rut.  Feeling left out and/or left behind in a study group I have been part of for several years.  A friend recommended Gina Webster who facilitates talking to the sub conscious.  While I usually go it alone, I figured it was time to get some help.  Glad I did.


Gina is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner.  Did not know what QHHT was so I did the web search and had an idea of what to expect.  That and Gina’s preparation notes sent in advance helped.  Even so, I never had a hypnosis session before, so while willing to do my best, I was apprehensive. 


Gina understands this and is very professional in preparing the client.  We had a nice conversation that helped me feel confident in her ability to guide me through the process.  


Ok, for the results.  My preparation work was to list questions I might have for my sub conscious and to list things I would like to heal or change.  Of the list, almost all got better right away.  Holy crap, I thought this is fantastic.  Then in a few days, some came back, maybe even worse.  But out of the Q&A came the answer that healing is an inside job and I just need to give the pain or area love and attention and ask it to heal itself.  This I began to practice daily.  So far (three weeks after the session), most all are completely healed or at least feeling much better.  I am still working on one significant area physically and one spiritually, but am optimistic they will be overcome soon. 


The best part for me is that I learned some why questions, healed some pains, but more important, found a method to handle issues as they come up. 


Hey did I tell you that during the process, I was awake, aware and frankly thought the process was not working?  However, the answers to the questions were different than expected and once I practiced as directed, I saw and felt significant progress.  I have returned to exercise, reading and feeling much less “stuck”.


I highly recommend Gina and the QHHT process."


Robert ~ Waukesha, WI


QHHT - Testimonial


"The first time I met Gina, I was immediately aware of her strong connection to Spirit. She is very intuned and knowledgeable in the work that she does and I would recommend her sessions to anyone, especially if you can go into trance easily. She does a wonderful job and really helps with forming and tweaking the questions you may wish to ask.


 I felt a strong feeling that I should do a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with Gina so we scheduled a date a couple of weeks before my surgery. I was due to have surgery to remove a cancerous polyp and thought a connection with Spirit through Gina may help. There are other digestive issues that I have been dealing with so I was hoping for some answers with that as well.


To begin the session, Gina took me through a beautiful guided meditation, moved to putting me in trance followed by a trip to two of my past lives. We then proceeded to ask my Subconscious several questions that I had. I am a tough nut to crack and have a lot of chatter from my Conscious Self so I’m not sure that I was totally in trance. It seemed like some of my answers were coming from my Conscious Self but others were definitely something I would not have said or thought.  After listening to the recording of the session, this seemed to be the case. I seemed to waffle between my Conscious Self and Subconscious.  I learned a lot about why I have to experience some of the things that are happening in my life. I am truly a ‘doubting Thomas’ and always ask “but what if”?  I was told the names of my guardian angel and my Inner Self /guide.  A miraculous healing didn’t occur…yet…but I am asking often as my Subconscious said that I need to do.


After the session, I felt an all-encompassing sense of peace. I felt grateful to my Subconscious, guides, angels, the people that influenced me in past lives, those currently in my life, including Gina, and more than anyone, to God.

Love and Light,"


Connie F. ~ Appleton, WI

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