With training and experience in multiple modalities, I offer a unique array of options for your individual needs:  Quantum Healing, Intuitive Healing, Past Life Regressions, Workshops, QiGong and Personalized Life Coaching.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


Why would someone wish to experience a QHH Session? Any number of reasons!

Some people are looking for help with healing a physical issue or disease. Other people have emotional issues or relationship problems. Some people want to know what their life purpose is, or if they are on the right path. Still others have questions about reality and consciousness itself and are looking for answers.

During a QHH Session you may experience one or more "lives" and discover deep and profound connections to your current life situation.  Then, we make a connection to your Higher Self or Oversoul, that part of us that Dolores Cannon calls the Subconscious . There we can ask for answers and appropriate healing.

Dolores Cannon and QHHT History and Information

Dolores Cannon, has been practicing her method for over 45 years. You can read more about her HERE and more about the method she teaches and I practice HERE.


The Dedicated Practitioner Program and Videos

I am proud to say that I am a QHHT Dedicated Practitioner. I participate in a worldwide online Community of other Dedicated Practitioners and I stay in contact with other DPs and with Dolores' training community for continuing Education and Support.


Worldwide List of QHHT Dedicated & Recommended Practitioners

HERE is a link to Dolores' website which lists the current worldwide list of Dedicated and Recommended Practitioners. 

  • Dedicated Practitioners - The Dedicated Practitioner is a member of Dolores' worldwide QHHT Support Forum Community where they receive ongoing education materials. 

  • Recommended Practitioners - The Recommended Dedicated Practitioner is the highest designation possible given to a QHHT Practitioner. This person is a member of the Dedicated Practitioner Community in good standing without client complaints or concerns, and has 1 year (at least 75 sessions) of experience.  Recommended Practitioners have been personally vetted and mentored by Dolores and/or her knowledgeable staff and has demonstrated the highest level of mastery and purity of Dolores' method.

"My quantum hypnosis session with Gina was beneficial and enlightening.  Her genuine caring nature to help others heal was of great importance to me.  She thoroughly explained the process and took the time before we met  to build trust between the two of us and answer all of my questions.  


Quantum Hypnosis  is a very personal and intimate encounter  based on what is important to the person.  Gina did an exceptional job guiding me toward my highest good.   I experienced five different past lives, received healing within my DNA and felt connected to my higher self on a very different level. 


I highly recommend this type of session especially if you have a chronic illness or feel stuck on your spiritual path.  Sometimes we all need a little outside help, something outside the norm to guide us down a different path so that we continue to evolve and find purpose in our life."


Karen ~ Hartland, WI

QHHT Sessions typically run 4-7 hours.

Sessions are digitally recorded.


Intuitive Healing


Intuitive healing is a unique blend of healing modalities that helps the client to connect with information and healing.  I draw on 18 years of spiritual study to help my clients in the very best way possible.  I assist my clients from a position of unconditional love and non-judgement which provides a safe zone for deep healing to occur.


Each session is unique to the client.  I begin by connecting with healing energy from Source and connecting this energy with the client.  As I am bringing the energy through I will receive information to help the client in the very best way possible.  This information will lead us to the remainder of the session.  My intuition taps into what will help the client to move forward in their life.  This could be any number of things from releasing trauma to forgiveness to physical healing to self-love.  There really is no limit to what can be addressed and worked through. 


In some cases we find that there are layers that need to be worked through.  This is common because as we go through life we may accumulate multiple layers of unbalanced energy that need to be released.  If we are not aware of how to release them they may continue to overlay.


My approach in all healing is to empower the client with information and healing tools that they can utilize to keep themselves balanced and in good mind, body and spirit. 


$60 for 1 hour session.

Multiple session packages are available and will be created for the individual client.    




You are a wonder.  I can't thank you enough for helping me, not just in our session but with what you've written to me, also.  I feel that your energy, our time together, and your very caring words are helping me to heal every day.  I feel utterly blessed to have met you; I believe that everything came together--that Source and Spirit guided me--to find you and then meet with you for healing. I think you have helped me turn a huge corner in my life toward freedom from discomfort, and helped me make a huge step in the transition that I am undertaking.  I will be forever grateful to you.


I continue on my healing journey, learning more all along the way.  I want you to know that if I learn of anyone who is is need of healing, and if I sense that they will be open to intuitive healing, I will steer them to you.  I wish everyone I know could be helped by you.  I really do.


Many blessings to you, Gina,


Ann R. - Appleton, WI

Group Past Life Regression Workshops


Looking for something fun and different to do?  How about a Past Life Regression workshop?  Visit a past life, meet a spirit guide and travel into a future life all during this 3 hour workshop.  The workshops are held at your location and are a fun way to connect with this interesting information.  


$25/person with a four person minimum. 

Groups of 10 or more contact me for pricing. 



I have been a Qi Gong practitioner since 2001.  I devoured four years of classes with Damaris Jarboux and James MacRitchie at the Center Place in Boulder, Colorado.


Qi Gong, pronounced Chi Kung, and translated as "Cultivating Life Force/Energy"  is a source of energy healing that derives from China.  It is at least 4,000 years old. 


For most of its history the knowledge of QiGong and its Forms (meditations) were passed down orally from teacher to student.  This was a sacred lineage and only those who earned the knowledge would receive the knowledge.  During the Cultural Revolution of the 1950's and 1960's much of this knowledge was lost as many of the QiGong Masters were executed.  Because so much lore was lost, it has now become more acceptable to share this esoteric knowledge with a greater number of people. 


QiGong has 3 main categories:

  1. Martial Arts

  2. Medicinal

    1. Acupuncture

    2. Herbs

    3. Clinical practice

  3. Meditation/Practice/Form

    1. Nei Dan – Internal Meditations like the Microcosmic Orbit.

    2. Wei Dan – External or moving meditations like Tai Chi.


In order to be called Qi Gong you need to be utilizing your breath, your intention (the mind leads the chi) and the meridians.  Just like blood flows through blood vessels and arteries, chi flows through the meridians.


In my clinical practice, clients will relax on a massage table while I work on their Chi body to help eliminate blockages and assit the energy in becoming balanced.  Most of the work is done "off the body" as I can feel the energy better from about 8-10" out, however, there are some practices which utilize direct contact with the body.  

A typical session is 90 minutes.


QiGong is a powerful and beautiful healing modality.  The meditations have shown to reduce anxiety and depression. 

Life Coaching - Created just for you!


My Life Coaching sessions are a creative blend of all of my healing modalities and are customized just for you.  What makes this form of Life Coaching so unique is that I also incorporate all of my healing modalities to help the client to move forward in their lives.  Think about it, talking through issues is great, but when you incorporate Intuitive Healing, Quantum Healing, and/or QiGong meditations you are really tapping into a powerful core of healing energy to help you to be mentally and physically balanced.


Cost is dependent upon the custom package that we create just for you.



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